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Originating in ancient Eastern spirituality, ahimsa is becoming more prevalent as a principal of ethical living on a global scale. Its meaning can be described simply as “non-injury”. A slightly more complex meaning of ahimsa is “the removal of the desire to kill”. In this perspective, Swami Sri Yukteswar elucidates that ahimsa not only involves abstaining from literal injury to another being. On a deeper level, it even applies to removing the intention of injury before any physical action is followed through.

This design focuses on the ocean, in particular, its sentient life. Aquatic creatures are so mystical in the way that they experience a completely different perspective in a world of water. A whole new level of intelligence, communication, perception… brings a sense of reverence and wonder. Seaspiracy is an excellent documentary if you are curious to learn more about how these beings are impacted by human practices and industries. Get involved with the compassionate movement in their name!

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